5 Most Amazing Android Applications

5 Most Amazing Android Applications

With the ever increasing fad of the Smartphone mobilieji telefonai applications, it’s cool to have the top application on your smartphone. However, it’s difficult to analyze which is the coolest app and which app will make you the center of attraction! Through this article we try to ease your difficulty by offering you suggestions for the top applications doing the round and the must haves:-

1. Opera Mini Browser: A faster browser. Have the answers to the mobilieji telefonai is unknown in a jiffy, faster than your peers. Yes, you read it correct! The browser lets you experience the joy of faster internet world. If you are away from a Wi-Fi connection or are on a slow working connection, no worries, Opera Mini Browser it at your rescue. The browser works faster on slow connections and downloads/uploads pages with images and graphics easily. The application is user friendly too, with its large buttons it allows you better control of the page.

2. Angry Birds: This game, an instant hit among the Android users was developed by Rovio. A set of birds are on a mission to get back their eggs from the pigs who stole them. They embark themselves on the slingshot and throw themselves at the pigs to wipe them out. The assortment of backgrounds, the humorous characters and sound contribute towards the appeal factor of the game. Birds with special boosters and powers are unlocked at mobilieji telefonai various stages to keep the player entertained.

3. BlackBerry Messenger: The latest mobilieji telefonai addition to the top Android applications family is the BlackBerry Messenger. In October 2013 the application was launched for the Android and iOS users. This instant messaging application gives you the independence of connecting with your friends and family. Scan the bar-code or just punch in your friends BBM pin and you are set. Share videos, pictures or messages anything you want.

4. Adobe Reader: On the move and have to access the PDF (Portable Document Format) of an important file? It can be a tough task at times without the laptop. Not anymore with Adobe reader on your smartphone. The application allows you to access these PDF versions of the file on your smartphone. You can manage, access and share a wide range of PDF files, PDF portfolios, forms that have to be filled, password protected documents and Adobe lifecycle, right on the move with your smartphone. Isn’t life a lot easier!

5. Google Maps: Are you scared of getting lost on the unknown streets with no one to give you the right directions! Google Maps is the answer for that, install Google Maps on your mobilieji telefonaidevice and save yourself from getting lost. The finest feature of the application is that it gives the access to your destination with all three modes – bus, car and if you wish to tread. Choose the mode and reach for your destination. The application also gives you the location of the gas stations on your way. Enjoy the freedom to explore places with Google Maps on your device.